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Man trucks are synonymous with power and performance in the commercial vehicle industry. These vehicles, engineered for reliability, are known for their robust diesel engines, typically featuring six cylinders. With a range of power outputs, Man trucks cater to various transportation needs, from medium-duty to heavy-duty applications.

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Top FAQ About MAN Trucks

CLA 31.300 EVO 8X4 is the most popular Man truck in India.
You can find Man truck dealers on our We will provide you with the best dealers near youalong with their content details.
The Man truck having the maximum loading capacity is Man CLA 16.250 EVO 4X2.
The latest Man Trucks in India are Man CLA 31.300 EVO 8X4, Man CLA 25.300 EVO 6X4 and Man CLA 49.300 EVO 6X4.
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The price range of the Man Truck model ranges from Rs.24 lakhs to Rs.39 lakhs i.e., the highest price of the Man Truck is Rs.39 lakhs and the lowest price of the Man Truck is Rs.24 lakhs.
The safety features provided by Man Trucks are Power steering, Standard seat type, Adjustable driver seat, Seat belts and Air brakes.
The features of Man trucks are Diesel as the fuel type, manual transmission, power steering, Front axle, Front suspension, Rear axle, Rear suspension, ABS and Fog Lights.
Man trucks are available in the GVW range of 25000 kg - 40200 kg.

About MAN Trucks

Man trucks are a hallmark of excellence in the commercial vehicle industry, revered for their remarkable power, performance, and reliability. Founded in Germany, Man Truck & Bus AG has a rich legacy dating back to the early 20th century, making it a stalwart presence in the global transportation sector. At the heart of every Man truck lies a robust and efficient diesel engine, typically boasting six cylinders. These engines are renowned for their ability to deliver an impressive amount of power, ensuring that Man trucks can handle a wide spectrum of transportation tasks with ease. From medium-duty urban deliveries to heavy-duty long-haul journeys, Man trucks excel in a variety of roles. One of the defining characteristics of Man trucks is their substantial Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) ratings. This attribute underscores their capacity to carry substantial loads, making them indispensable assets in industries such as construction, logistics, and transportation. The strength and durability of Man trucks are qualities that businesses across the world rely on to meet their operational demands.

Man trucks are not just renowned for their performance; they also prioritize driver comfort and safety. These vehicles often feature well-appointed cabins equipped with ergonomic controls and advanced safety systems. This driver-centric approach ensures that those behind the wheel can operate the vehicle efficiently and with confidence, even during long hours on the road. In addition to their domestic market in Germany, Man trucks have a significant global presence, serving customers across continents. Their widespread network of dealerships and service centres ensures that customers receive comprehensive support, including maintenance, spare parts availability, and technical assistance.

Man Trucks Price in India 

Man trucks in India start at an attractive price point of Rs 24.23 lakhs. This competitive pricing makes them an appealing choice for businesses and enterprises seeking high-performance commercial vehicles for a range of applications. Despite their powerful engines and advanced features, Man trucks offer cost-effective solutions for transportation needs in the Indian market. Whether it's for long-haul logistics, construction, or other heavy-duty tasks, Man trucks provide a compelling combination of performance, durability, and affordability for businesses across the country.

Man Trucks Features & Specifications 

Man trucks are synonymous with excellence in the commercial vehicle industry, thanks to their outstanding features and specifications designed to meet the diverse demands of businesses. These trucks are equipped with powerful diesel engines, often featuring six cylinders, ensuring robust performance and efficient power delivery. Their substantial Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) ratings make them suitable for carrying heavy loads, whether it's for construction, logistics, or other industrial applications. Advanced technology is a hallmark of Man trucks, enhancing their performance and efficiency. From modern engine management systems to cutting-edge safety features, these vehicles are equipped with the latest innovations. Moreover, Man prioritizes driver comfort, offering spacious and ergonomic cabins with well-appointed features to ensure a pleasant driving experience, even during long journeys.

Safety is paramount in Man trucks, with the inclusion of systems such as Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), and airbags, prioritising the safety of both drivers and cargo. With a global presence and adaptability to various markets and terrains, Man trucks offer versatility and reliability. Businesses also benefit from customization options, allowing them to tailor these trucks to their specific operational needs. In essence, Man trucks are a testament to engineering excellence, delivering high-performance solutions that meet the evolving requirements of the commercial transportation sector.

Popular Man Trucks

In the realm of commercial vehicles, Man trucks have earned their popularity through a range of versatile and powerful models. Among the notable choices is the *Man CLA 25.300 EVO 6x4 Tipper*, a heavy-duty workhorse designed for the toughest challenges. With its commanding 300 HP engine, it stands ready to tackle demanding construction projects with ease. Its remarkable Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 25000 Kg underscores its capacity to carry substantial loads, making it a trusted companion on construction sites and rugged terrains. The 6x4 configuration ensures stability and control even in challenging conditions, further enhancing its reliability in heavy-duty applications.

Another standout in the Man truck lineup is the *Man CLA 31.300 EVO 8x4 Tipper*, sharing the same 300 HP engine prowess. What sets it apart is its exceptional GVW of 31000 Kg, making it an ideal choice for handling and unloading heavy materials efficiently. This model is a preferred option in industries such as construction and mining, where robust performance and load-bearing capability are paramount. The 8x4 configuration enhances its stability and traction, ensuring that it can navigate challenging terrains and provide consistent results. Together, these Man truck models exemplify the brand's commitment to delivering reliable and high-performance solutions for various industrial and transportation needs, earning them their well-deserved popularity in the commercial vehicle market.

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Customer Reviews for Man trucks

As a proud owner of a Man truck, I can attest to the exceptional performance and reliability that these vehicles offer. The Man CLA 25.300 EVO 6x4 Tipper, in particular, has been a game-changer for my construction business. Its powerful 300 HP engine and robust build have made it an indispensable asset on our job sites. Whether it's hauling heavy construction materials or navigating challenging terrains, this truck delivers with unwavering strength and efficiency. The Man CLA 25.300 EVO has truly elevated the productivity and capabilities of my business.

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