Top 5 E Rickshaw Models in India with Latest Price

E rickshaws (also known as electric rickshaws and e-tricycles) are small 3 wheeler vehicles powered by an electric motor. They save on fuel costs compared to auto rickshaws while providing greater ease of use compared to pulled rickshaws.

Mahindra Treo

Mahindra brings best e-rickshaws to the customers in India. Mahindra Treo is a revolutionary new range of electric autos, e-rickshaw and cargo versions as per Mahindra. Powered by advanced Lithium-ion technology, Mahindra Treo offers high savings. Its superior ride quality and best in-class interior space attracts the customers the most. With 4 hours of charging Mahindra Tero is all set to provide a comfy and stable ride. The e-rickshaw from Mahindra delivers zero-emission and noiseless driving. Its low running cost of only 50 paise per km, leads to savings of up to ₹ 45 000.00 every year in fuel cost*.