Mahindra Blazo-X truck range launched

Mahindra Truck & Bus (MTB) division, a part of automobile major Mahindra group, launched Mahindra Blazo X range of HCV trucks on Friday. The new Mahindra Blazo X series will be available across the haulage trucks, tippers & tractor trailer platforms. This new range of Mahindra Blazo X trucks is an upgraded version of the earlier Blazo series that promises better fuel efficiency than the predecessor, at a time when the fuel prices are soaring continuously and leading to a considerable dent in transporter’s profitability. Mahindra Blazo X Truck Launch
Mahindra Blazo X Launch
Since its launch, the company has sold over 21000 Mahindra Blazo trucks in India in the past 2-2.5 years. This has helped Mahindra Truck & Bus division to double its market share in heavy trucks during this period, now hovering at around 5% in the first half of current financial year. The launch of Blazo X range with mileage guarantee is likely to give serious competition to market leaders like Tata trucks & Ashok Leyland trucks in the MHCV segment. Mahindra Blazo X series gets powered by a 7.2 Litre mPower engine with FuelSmart technology. The multi-drive mode allows the driver to change power output as per load & road gradient. Light mode is used for empty running without load and produces 174-204 HP. The heavy mode is used when the truck is loaded and delivers around 220 HP of power. The Turbo mode is used when the truck is fully loaded and needs to maneuver steep gradients, when the 7.2 Litre turbo-charged engine operates at full power delivery of 274 HP. When it comes to engine size and power, Mahindra trucks are no doubt class leading. The entire range of Mahindra trucks in HCV category are powered by SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) which uses a liquid urea based solution to meet the emission norms.
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The Mahindra Blazo X trucks come with couple of improvements over its predecessor. These improvements can be categorized under 3 heads : Breathe X-Tra, Roll X-Tra and Conserve X-Tra energy philosophy. Breathe X-Tra means better air management through waste gate turbocharger and efficient intercooler. Roll X-Tra has been achieved by using low friction axle seals & grease along with low friction oil. Whereas, conserve X-Tra energy aim has been achieved by using an electronic viscous fan. President - Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mr. Rajan Wadhera said - “The Blazo pushed the boundaries for Mahindra since its launch on several fronts, be it volumes and market share or the industry first guarantees which laid the foundation for a turnaround of the business. Today as we launch the new Blazo X series of HCV trucks, we have further enhanced our customer value proposition of "Har Cheez Guarantee Ke Saath" and will create higher benchmarks in performance and earnings. In fact given the spiraling fuel prices, there wasnt a better time to introduce the Blazo X, with the benefit of extra mileage. I firmly believe that the Blazo X will reaffirm our customers faith in Mahindra ability to create class-leading products and set higher standards for the Indian CV industry." Mahindra Blazo X Trucks Mahindra Blazo X Trucks As far as the models & variants of this new range of Mahindra trucks is concerned, Mahindra Blazo X 25, Blazo X 31 & Blazo X 37 are going to be the multi axle trucks in haulage category.  Mahindra Blazo X 35, Blazo X 40 & Blazo X 49 will be the faces in tractor trailer category. Whereas Blazo X 25 & Blazo X 31 are also going to be sold in the tipper category. Mahindra Blazo-X truck range comes with a class leading warranty of 6 Years or 6 Lakh kilometers and the company has launched this new truck range at a premium of INR 25000 over the predecessor. Mr. Vinod Sahay, CEO - Mahindra Truck and Bus Division, said "The launch of the Blazo X will further strengthen our position in the market. With 21,000 Blazo trucks already on Indian roads, our BLAZO range of HCVs are well entrenched in important segments such as car carriers, tankers, cement bulkers and the coal industry, with their proposition of best value for money brand, mileage superiority and low cost of ownership. Today, MTB is well on its way to becoming a formidable force in the Indian CV market, being the number 3 player in certain segments and markets. Going forward we intend to be the number 3 player in the overall HCV segment."
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As far as the segment of Heavy Commercial Vehicles in India is concerned, Tata Trucks lead the race in India followed by Ashok Leyland Trucks. Going by the model wise competition bench-marking in the cargo trucks space, Mahindra 14 wheeler trucks - Blazo X 37, will compete with the likes of Tata 3718, Ashok Leyland 3718, BharatBenz 3723R and Eicher Pro 6037. Similarly in the tractor trailers space, Mahindra Blazo X 49 will compete with the likes of Tata Signa 4923, Ashok Leyland U-4923, BharatBenz 4928T and the recently  launched Eicher Pro 6049. Along with the launch of Mahindra Blazo X range of heavy commercial vehicles (HCV trucks), the company also announced the introduction of North-South Service corridor, seamless service from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The 3800 km stretch has 41 service touch points, 11 M-Parts plaza & 48 service vans to give a seamless service experience to truckers plying on this route. This route is supposed to have a guaranteed service reach within 4 hrs or Rs 500 compensation per hour.