Ashok Leyland unveils Innoline – World’s first Inline pump driven BS4 Engine

Popularly known for its inline pump in the BSIII era, and after the great success of iEGR (Intelligent Exhaust Gas Recirculation) technology since April 2017, Ashok Leyland unveiled innoline technology – BSIV engines driven by inline pump. Ashok Leyland has bought together the simplicity of an inline pump with the efficiency and performance of iEGR. Ashok Leyland Innoline Technology
Ashok Leyland Innoline Technology
As the name suggests, innoline basically means the innovative inline pump or the upgraded ‘sada’ pump. Right from BSIII times, inline pump has been a USP of Ashok Leyland trucks as well as Ashok Leyland buses in the medium and heavy commercial vehicles space. And, Ashok Leyland inline pump was very famous amongst the transport fraternity, drivers and mechanics alike, owing to its simplicity and ease of maintenance. Not only the simplicity and ease of maintenance, inline pump was also perceived to be delivering better mileage. Over the past 1 year, Ashok Leyland has sold over 1 Lakh BSIV trucks powered by iEGR technology and the recent introduction of innoline technology is a step further in this direction. Apart from the benefits of iEGR technology like lower cost of operations and no additional requirement of Ad-blue (as required in SCR technology powered commercial vehicles), innoline makes engine maintenance easier and simpler for mechanics and drivers alike.   While the market is replete with perceptions that come 2019-20, when BSVI emission norms get enforced, all manufacturers will eventually switch to SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology but Ashok Leyland has again proved it wrong through its innoline technology. The company claims that this innoline technology can we upgraded and used for BSVI engines as well.
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Mr. Vinod Dasari, Managing Director, Ashok Leyland said, “Innovation is making things simpler and less complicated. With the BS III inline fuel pump and iEGR, this is exactly what we did – delivering several benefits to our customers like lower operating cost, lower maintenance and no hassles of AdBlue. iEGR is already a success in the Indian market, with more than 100,000 vehicles sold last year. Now we are making it even simpler by introducing the Innoline technology for our H-series engines. This technology will have an inline pump for our BS IV engine, taking iEGR further and giving our customers an even simpler system, enabling easier maintenance and other cost efficiencies. This technology is also future-ready as this can also be upgraded to BS VI emission norms. We are proud of our innovation and of the fact that we are the only OEM in the world to have an inline pump for BS IV or Euro4 engines, which is also certified by the ARAI. This is yet another example of delivering on our brand promise of ‘Aapki Jeet, Hamari Jeet’ – not only our customers but also the mechanics and drivers in the ecosystem will benefit from this simple, yet effective Indian innovation.” It is to be noted that in the BSIII to BSIV transition, Ashok Leyland had moved on from inline fuel injection pump to Common Rail fuel injection pump in Ashok Leyland heavy trucks as well as buses powered by H-Series engine.