Tata 4 Wheeler Trucks

There are a variety of Tata 4 wheeler trucks available for sale in India through the dealer network of Tata Motors. These Tata 4 tyre trucks are available in multiple configurations of cabin and load body. To check details of latest Tata 4 wheeler truck price, specifications, loading capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired Tata 4 tyre / chakka truck model from the list below.

Over the years, the commercial vehicle market has experienced major developments as manufacturers continue to push the envelope in terms of performance and innovation. As one of the industry's top players, Tata Motors stands as a pioneer in the creation of dependable and effective vehicles. The Tata 4 Tyre Truck, one of Tata Motors' significant products, has revolutionized the idea of small yet potent commercial vehicles. Tata 4 wheeler truck price starts from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 18 lakh in India.

Tata 4 Wheeler Truck Models

Top FAQ Tata 4 Wheeler Trucks

Tata 4 Wheeler Trucks are commercial vehicles manufactured by Tata Motors, a leading Indian automobile manufacturer. These trucks are designed to meet the needs of various industries such as logistics, construction, mining, and agriculture.
Tata Motors offers a wide range of 4 Wheeler Trucks to suit different needs and requirements. The company's product portfolio includes small commercial vehicles, pick-up trucks, intermediate commercial vehicles, and heavy-duty trucks.
The price range of Tata 4 Wheeler Trucks varies depending on the model and specifications. The cost of the vehicles can range from INR 4 lakhs for a small commercial vehicle to INR 50 lakhs for a heavy-duty truck.
Tata Motors has designed its trucks to be fuel-efficient, and the average fuel efficiency of these vehicles ranges from 10 to 15 km per litre depending on the engine capacity, load capacity, and other factors.
Tata Motors places a strong emphasis on safety and offers several safety features in its 4 Wheeler Trucks. These features include seat belts, airbags, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), reverse parking sensors, and electronic stability control (ESC).
You can purchase a Tata 4 Wheeler Truck from an authorized Tata Motors dealership or through its online platform. You can also get in touch with the company's sales team to know more about the purchasing process.
Tata Motors provides a standard warranty of 3 years or 3,00,000 km (whichever comes first) on all its commercial vehicles, including 4 Wheeler Trucks. The company also offers extended warranty options for its customers.

About Tata 4 Wheeler Trucks

Tata Motors has indeed prioritized fuel efficiency in the design of its 4-wheeler trucks. These commercial vehicles boast an average fuel efficiency ranging from 10 to 15 km per liter, depending on factors like engine capacity, load capacity, and usage patterns. As a prominent Indian automobile manufacturer, Tata Motors manufactures these trucks to cater to a wide array of industries, including logistics, construction, mining, and agriculture.

Renowned for their robust performance and excellent features, Tata 4 chakka trucks have earned a strong reputation in the Indian commercial vehicle market. They are widely recognized for their reliability and versatility, allowing businesses to efficiently address their transportation requirements. With a focus on meeting the diverse needs of industries across the country, Tata Motors continues to be a key player in the commercial vehicle segment.

Tata 4 Wheeler Truck price in India:

The price range of Tata 4-wheeler trucks can vary significantly depending on the model, specifications, and configurations. The cost of these trucks can start from around Rs. 10 lakhs for smaller and more basic models, which are often used for local deliveries and intra-city transportation. On the other hand, heavy-duty trucks equipped with advanced features, higher load capacities, and specialized functionalities may have a price tag of up to Rs. 18 lakhs or more.

Pricing of Tata 4-wheeler trucks can also vary due to regional factors such as local taxes and transportation costs.

Tata 4 Wheeler Truck Mileage:

The approximate range of the Tata 4 Wheeler Truck's wide level mileage is 8 to 12 KMPL*. The driver's driving habits, the weight of the vehicle, the state of the road, any slopes, and the average speed of the vehicle all have a big impact on the mileage of the Tata 4 Wheeler Truck, which is merely intended as a representative estimate and based on a few assumptions. Therefore, before making a final purchasing choice, consumers should consider the practical input from other users of this commercial vehicle and not regard these mileage estimates as absolute for their application. You can go far without refueling thanks to the Tata 4 Wheeler Truck's huge fuel tank and outstanding fuel economy.

Tata 4 Wheeler Truck Dealer:

Tata Motors, a leading Indian automobile manufacturer, offers a wide range of options for 4-wheeler trucks through its extensive dealership network in India. By visiting TrucksBuses.com, you can explore detailed information about Tata's 4-wheeler trucks, including their various configurations and specifications. The platform allows you to browse through a diverse selection of commercial vehicles from different manufacturers, making it easier to compare and make informed choices based on your specific transportation needs. You can also locate the nearest Tata 4-wheeler truck dealership to your location for personalized assistance and to get accurate pricing details for the chosen model.

Tata 4 Wheeler Truck Specifications:

Eicher 4 Wheeler Truck features are listed below:

● Tata 4-wheeler truck models offer a wide range of Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) options, ranging from 4450 Kg to 7300 Kg, catering to various transportation needs.

● Equipped with a powerful 85 to 100 HP diesel engine, Tata 4 chakka trucks provide optimal fuel efficiency, with an average range of 10 to 15 km per liter, depending on factors such as load and usage patterns.

● Tata Motors prioritizes safety and incorporates essential safety features in all their 4-wheeler truck models, including seat belts, airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), reverse parking sensors, and electronic stability control (ESC).

● The inclusion of safety features ensures driver and cargo safety during transportation, making Tata trucks reliable and trusted choices for commercial applications.

● The use of diesel and CNG fuels in corresponding Tata 4 wheeler trucks ensure optimal performance and fuel efficiency, making them reliable and cost-effective choices for various commercial applications.

● Tata Motors offers a standard warranty for their commercial vehicles, including 4-wheeler trucks. The standard warranty provided by Tata Motors typically covers a duration of 3 years or 3,00,000 kilometers, whichever comes first, from the date of purchase.

Best Tata 4 Wheeler Truck:

Tata Motors offers a wide selection of popular 4-wheeler trucks tailored to diverse transportation requirements. The renowned Tata 407 Gold SFC Pickup, priced between Rs. 11.00 to Rs. 11.76 lahks*, with a GVW of 4450 Kg and a powerful 100 HP diesel engine, is a preferred choice for versatile commercial applications. Alongside it, the Tata 407 Gold SFC, available at Rs. 12.13 to Rs. 12.78 lahks*, with a GVW of 4995 Kg, boasts the same 100 HP diesel engine, making it a reliable and efficient option for various industries.

For heavier loads, Tata presents the robust Tata 610 SFC, offered at Rs. 14.58 to Rs. 15.38 lakh*, with a GVW of 5950 Kg and powered by a 100 HP diesel engine, catering to more demanding transportation needs. Lastly, the Tata 510 LPT, with a GVW of 5490 Kg and powered by a 100 HP diesel engine, represents yet another popular choice among Tata's 4 wheeler trucks lineup. These models, known for their performance, efficiency, and durability, have earned a solid reputation in the commercial vehicle market, making Tata 4 wheeler trucks a preferred and trusted option for businesses seeking reliable transportation solutions.

Customer Reviews of Tata 4 Wheeler Truck:  

According to customer feedback, Tata 4 wheeler trucks are highly regarded for their exceptional power, mileage, and safety features, making them incredibly useful and in high demand. These trucks have earned a reputation for providing top-notch performance and efficiency on the road. Tata 4 wheeler truck is well-rated for their safety standard, ensuring peace of mind for drivers and cargo alike. Customers highly appreciate the excellent service and warranty support that Tata offers, making these trucks even more popular among businesses and fleet operators. With their reliable performance and customer-centric approach, Tata 4 wheeler trucks continue to be a preferred choice in the commercial vehicle market.

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