Tata 32 Seater Buses in India

Tata's 32-seater buses embody a harmonious balance of robust power and adaptability, making them an optimal choice for a wide spectrum of transportation needs. 

These buses are engineered with precision, housing engines offering various power outputs tailored to tackle diverse terrains and operational demands. Engine sizes vary from 2956 cc to 3783 cc, with power reaching up to 123 HP. 

Tata 32 Seater Bus Models

Top FAQ About Tata 32 Seater Buses

A Tata 32 Seater Bus is a commercial vehicle designed to transport passengers over short to medium distances.
The seating capacity of a Tata 32 Seater Bus is 32 passengers.
Tata 32 Seater Buses are commonly used for passenger transportation in industries such as tourism, hospitality, and public transportation.
The engine power of a Tata 32 Seater Bus varies depending on the model and configuration, but can range from 90 to 140 horsepower.
Yes, Tata 32 Seater Buses are designed to be fuel-efficient, with some models featuring advanced fuel-saving technologies.
Tata 32 Seater Buses come with safety features such as seat belts, fire extinguishers, and emergency exits to ensure the safety of the passengers.
The maintenance cost of a Tata 32 Seater Bus varies depending on factors such as usage, age, and maintenance schedule. However, Tata Motors offers a comprehensive maintenance program to help reduce costs for customers.

About Tata 32 Seater Bus

This diverse power range underlines Tata's dedication to crafting buses that not only ensure comfortable passenger journeys but also possess the strength to excel in various challenging scenarios, be it urban commutes or intercity travels. Such a range of power options underscores Tata's commitment to providing versatile and dependable solutions, making their 32-seater buses suitable for an array of transportation requirements.

Tata 32 Seater Bus Price in India

Tata Motors presents a compelling lineup of 32-seater buses in India, with options like the Tata Starbus LP 710 and Tata LP 712 Starbus Ex. The Tata Starbus LP 710, available in 32 and 34-seater configurations, offers an affordable starting price of Rs. 24.5 lakh*. This budget-friendly option doesn't compromise on quality, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride for passengers. On the other hand, the Tata LP 712 Starbus Ex 32-seater model, priced from Rs. 25.93 lakh* onwards, provides enhanced features and capabilities, catering to diverse transportation needs. With Tata Motors' reputation for reliability and innovation, these 32-seater bus offerings are designed to meet the demands of various applications while maintaining competitive pricing.

Tata 32 Seater Buses Mileage

When it comes to fuel efficiency, Tata Motors' 32-seater bus offerings demonstrate their commitment to providing economical solutions. The Tata Starbus LP 710, available in 32 and 34-seater variants, showcases an impressive mileage range of 7 to 8 kilometres per litre (KMPL). This efficient fuel performance makes it a viable option for businesses and organisations looking to optimise operational costs while ensuring reliable transportation for passengers. Similarly, the Tata LP 712 Starbus Ex 32-seater model offers a competitive mileage range of 6 to 7.5 KMPL, further underscoring Tata's dedication to delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or performance.

Tata 32 Seater Buses Dealer

Securing a reliable dealership for your Tata 32-seater bus purchase is of utmost importance to ensure a seamless and satisfactory buying experience. At TrucksBuses.com, we maintain close partnerships with authorised dealers spanning across India, granting you direct access to trustworthy vendors. Our platform features a dedicated section meticulously designed to assist you in locating authorised Tata 32-seater bus dealers conveniently situated within your local vicinity. We furnish crucial contact information, comprehensive dealership insights, and invaluable customer reviews, all aimed at empowering you to make well-informed decisions with conviction and clarity. You can confidently rely on our extensive network of authorised dealers to streamline your purchasing journey and deliver exceptional post-sale support, ensuring your contentment and assurance at every step of the process.

Tata 32 seater buses Specifications and Features

Models: Tata 32 seater bus model encompasses two superior buses: the versatile Tata Starbus LP 710, available in both 32 and 34-seater configurations, and the Tata LP 712 Starbus Marcopolo.

Prices: Starting from Rs. 24.5 lakh* onwards, the Tata Starbus LP 710 offers an economical yet feature-rich option. The Tata LP 712 Starbus Marcopolo, priced from Rs. 25.93 lakhs* onwards, provides enhanced features for those seeking additional amenities.

Mileage: Efficiency meets performance with the Tata Starbus LP 710, delivering an estimated mileage of 7-8 kilometres per litre (KMPL). Meanwhile, the Tata LP 712 Starbus Marcopolo provides a mileage range of 6-7.5 KMPL, catering to different operational needs.

GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight): The Tata Starbus LP 710 showcases adaptable GVW values within the 7490-8000 kg range, ensuring it's well-equipped to effectively manage varying loads and routes.

Power: The Tata Starbus LP 710 is driven by a dynamic 2956 cc engine, offering power outputs of up to 99 HP. On the other hand, the Tata LP 712 Starbus Marcopolo houses a robust 3783 cc engine, generating power of up to 123 HP to tackle diverse terrains and requirements.

Safety Features: Tata's commitment to passenger safety is evident in their 32-seater buses, which include essential safety elements such as seat belts, fire extinguishers, and strategically placed emergency exits, assuring the well-being of all passengers.

Tata's dedication to offering a range of features, capacities, and safety provisions in its 32-seater buses underscores its commitment to providing transportation solutions tailored to various demands and preferences.

Latest Tata 32 Seater Bus

Tata's latest offering in the realm of 32-seater buses is the Tata Starbus LP 710. With a seating capacity of 32 passengers, this bus model is designed to address a range of transportation requirements. Starting at a competitive price point of Rs. 24.5 lakh* onwards, the Tata Starbus LP 710 combines affordability with quality construction.

Under its hood resides a 2956 cc diesel engine, generating 99 HP and a torque of 300 Nm at 1400-2200 rpm. This powertrain configuration strikes a balance between performance and fuel efficiency, making it well-suited for various operational scenarios. Boasting a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 8000 kg, the Tata Starbus LP 710 is equipped to manage both passenger load and cargo demands effectively. Whether catering to urban commuting, corporate shuttles, or educational institutions, this model stands as a practical choice, marrying power, capacity, and competitive pricing for a comprehensive 32-seater bus solution.

Best Tata 32 Seater Buses

Tata Motors showcases its excellence in the 32-seater bus category through two remarkable offerings – the Tata Starbus LP 710 and the Tata LP 712 Starbus Ex. The Tata Starbus LP 710, available in 32 and 34-seater variants, captures attention with its balanced mix of affordability and quality, starting from Rs. 24.5 lakh* onwards. Powered by a 99 HP diesel engine, it ensures capable performance for urban and intercity operations, supported by an impressive Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 8000 kg. Its estimated mileage of 7 to 8 KMPL* adds an economical edge, making it a suitable choice for fleet management and passenger transportation.

Stepping up the power quotient, the Tata LP 712 Starbus Ex stands out with a 123 HP diesel engine and a substantial GVW of 7490 kg. This model strikes a harmonious balance between performance and fuel efficiency, showcasing Tata Motors' commitment to reliability. With its 32-seater configuration, it offers versatility for various applications. Its engine's displacement of 3783 cc and four cylinders further assures consistent and robust performance. Both these buses exemplify Tata's dedication to providing competitive solutions for the 32-seater segment, addressing the diverse transportation needs of businesses and organisations across India.

Customer Reviews for Tata 32 Seater Buses

Customer reviews for Tata's 32-seater buses reflect a favourable sentiment overall, underscoring the blend of affordability, durability, and comfort these buses offer. Customers appreciate the value for money, praising the buses for their competitive pricing, sturdy build, and efficient fuel consumption. The spacious interiors and comfortable seating arrangement are often lauded, catering to various transportation needs. While positive feedback is prevalent, some reviews highlight the need for improved after-sales support and maintenance services. In essence, Tata's 32-seater buses garner positive recognition for their economic and sturdy design, coupled with potential areas for further enhancing customer experience.

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