BharatBenz 12 Wheeler Trucks

There are a variety of BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks available for sale in India through the dealership network of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles. These BharatBenz 12 tyre trucks are available in multiple body configurations. To check details of latest BharatBenz 12 wheeler truck price, specifications, loading capacity, mileage and more, click on your desired BharatBenz 12 tyre / chakka truck model from the list below.

BharatBenz provides a wide range of trucks in the 12 wheeler segment and it offers a lot of trucks in the 12 wheeler segment and the BharatBenz trucks are known for offering a luxury cabin and an outstanding loading capacity and safety features and different body length options. Bharatbenz 12 chakka trucks are the most popular truck because of their heavy load carrying capacity and offering a luxury cabin in an affordable price range. BharatBenz 12 wheeler truck price starts from Rs. 44 lakh to Rs. 47 lakh in India.

BharatBenz 12 Wheeler Truck Models

Top FAQ About BharatBenz 12 Wheeler Trucks

A BharatBenz 12 wheeler truck is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle with 12 wheels.
Popular brands that offer BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks include Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, and Eicher.
BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks are used for various applications such as construction, mining, and transportation of heavy loads.
The different types of BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks include tipper trucks, tractor-trailers, and rigid trucks.
The fuel efficiency of a BharatBenz 12 wheeler truck depends on factors such as engine technology, load, and driving conditions.
The price of a BharatBenz 12 wheeler truck varies depending on the model, specifications, and location.
The BharatBenz 3123R is one of the most popular 12 wheeler trucks from the BharatBenz stable.
The BharatBenz 1217C is one of the lowest priced trucks among the 12 wheeler trucks from BharatBenz.
The BharatBenz 4928TT is one of the highest priced trucks among the 12 wheeler trucks from BharatBenz.
To find the best BharatBenz 12 wheeler truck, consider factors such as intended use, payload capacity, engine power and fuel efficiency. Research different models and compare their features, specifications and prices. You may visit to buy BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks.

About BharatBenz 12 Wheeler Trucks

BharatBenz manufactured trucks with high technology and these trucks are used in logistic works and heavy loading and unloading works. These BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks come with the gross vehicle weight of (GVW) of 35 tons to 37 tons. The price range of all these 12 wheeler trucks starts with Rs 44 lakhs and goes up to Rs 47 lakhs in India.

BharatBenz 12 Wheeler truck teature

The features of BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks come with modern cabins, outstanding performance, powerful engine and these BharatBenz 12 chakka trucks have a potential to carry a heavy load. Bharatbenz 12 wheeler trucks come in different body lengths and different loading options which helps customers for a better choice to buy. These trucks provide high safety like air suspension, air brakes and emergency brakes. check out key features of BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks in detail then visit

BharatBenz 12 Wheeler Truck Specifications

BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks specifications completely depend on modal and brand. Here are some basic specifications of BharatBenz 12 Wheeler trucks.

1. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) of these BharatBenz 12 Wheeler trucks are 35 tons to 38 tons depending on modals and configuration.

2. These BharatBenz 12 Wheeler trucks come with power steering and air suspension which helps to improve the control on the truck and provides a good comfort for the driver.
3. BharatBenz 12 wheeler offers a different range of powerful engines starting from 241 HP to 281 HP, Delivering optimal and high performance with fuel efficiency.
4. BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks offer good quality tyres of size 11R20 or 295/90R20
 295/80 R22.5 Tubeless.
5. These BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks have a well optimised fueling  system which helps to improve the mileage.
6. BharatBenz 12 chakka trucks offer a modern cabin with adjustable seats+Air suspended seat (Optional) and a  very easy to use dashboard control panel.
7. BharatBenz 12 tyre trucks offer a high fuel capacity between 200 litres to 380 litres (depending on modal) , which allows the drivers for a long journey.
8. BharatBenz trucks offer automatic and manual gearbox with a good quality and it helps for speed and driving the vehicle.
9. The 12 wheeler BharatBenz trucks offer a different wheelbase between 5775 mm and 6375 mm, providing flexibility for different cargo requirements.

BharatBenz 12 Wheeler Truck Price in India

Bharatbenz 12 wheeler trucks price in India is completely dependent on the modal,specification,features and state. Basically  the price starts with Rs 44 lakh and goes up to Rs. 47 lakhs. If you are looking for the best prices and specifications then you can visit For the latest price and for more information in detail.

Latest BharatBenz 12 Wheeler Truck

BharatBenz 3523R is the latest truck in the BharatBenz 12 Chakka segment, This BharatBenz 12 tyre truck manufactured with high technology. BharatBenz 3523R truck comes with gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 35000 kg and the payload capacity is more than 25 tons to 27 tons. This BharatBenz 3523R 12 wheeler truck comes with 7200 cc 6 cylinder engine and the engine gives the power of 241 HP which makes this truck a powerful truck in 12 tyre segment with a modern cabin and affordable price. The price of 12 wheeler truck 3523R is starts with Rs 44.50 lakh and goes up to Rs 45.00 lakh.

Customer reviews for BharatBenz 12 Wheeler Truck

According to the customer reviews BharatBenz 12 Wheeler trucks are very useful and outstanding in performance. These BharatBenz 12 chakka trucks are most popular because they offers a luxury cabin with safety. And  because of the powerful engine and different body length options also make these trucks very popular in the 12 wheeler segment, the best milege, cabin and safety rating is available in these trucks.

BharatBenz 12 Wheeler Truck Dealers

If you are looking for BharatBenz 12 wheeler trucks dealers then you can visit for a trusted and a good dealer. On this website you can also compare the other brands 12 wheeler trucks and their prices with BharatBenz 12 wheeler. 

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