Ashok Leyland Pickups

The market for pickup trucks has significantly increased over the past several years, according to the automobile industry. Pickups are now essential for many uses, particularly in the business sector, because to their adaptability, durability, and capacity to transport both people and freight. Ashok Leyland, an Indian automaker recognized for its creative and dependable cars, is one of the major participants in the pickup truck market.  Last-mile connection is the flow of people and commodities from transportation hubs to their ultimate locations, which are frequently in rural locations or regions that are difficult for bigger vehicles to access.

Top FAQs About Ashok Leyland Pickups

You can buy them from authorized dealers at
It is a small commercial vehicle designed for urban and rural transportation.
The warranty period may vary depending on the model and the manufacturer.
They are used for various applications such as cargo transportation, delivery, and more.
Price range of Ashok Leyland Pickup is Rs. 7 to Rs. 9 lakhs. Which depends on the model and features.
They come with safety features such as seat belts, power steering, and more.
The engine capacity of Ashok Leyland Pickup is 1478 cc.
Ashok Leyland Pickup use diesel fuel.
Ashok Leyland Pickup payload range from 1215 kg to 1860 kg. that depends on the model.
The popular models include Dost, Dost+ and Bada Dost,Bada Dost i1, Bada Dost i2, Bada Dosti3, Bada Dost i4.

About Ashok Leyland Pickups

Ashok Leyland pickups, available at, are well known for being dependable and adaptable, making them a top choice for many transportation requirements. These trucks place a high priority on performance and are outfitted with robust engines and effective gearbox systems to ensure smooth and effective running on both paved and unpaved surfaces. The enormous load-carrying capability of Ashok Leyland Pickups, which are built to handle high payloads, makes them perfect for moving goods and commodities across a variety of sectors. The pleasant and steady ride they provide, along with their strong construction and suspension systems, increases driver and passenger safety.

Ashok Leyland Pickup price in India:

The Ashok Leyland Pickup price in India at ex-showroom starts from Rs. 7 to 9 Lakhs. The price may vary slightly based on different configurations, variants, and optional features chosen. Additionally, the on-road price of the Ashok Leyland Pickups may differ depending on the location and taxes applicable. To facilitate potential buyers, TrucksBuses offers a state-of-the-art EMI calculator, providing a detailed breakdown of installment amounts and total repayment in case of opting for a commercial vehicle loan for the Ashok Leyland Pickups. Moreover, also ensures that customers get the best price and discount offers for the Ashok Leyland Pickups with just a click, making the process of finding the ideal pickup or mini truck seamless and efficient.

Ashok Leyland Pickups Mileage:

The Ashok Leyland Pickups has an estimated fuel efficiency of 12 to 14 KMPL*. These numbers are presented as a basic guide and are predicated on a few presumptions. The actual mileage, however, may differ based on elements including the driver's habits, the weight of the vehicle, the state of the roads, slopes, and average speed. Instead of exclusively relying on these mileage estimations, readers are recommended to seek out real-world comments from in order to make an informed buying decision. The Ashok Leyland Pickup is a dependable option for long-distance transportation since it allows for prolonged travels without regular refueling thanks to its large fuel tank and high fuel economy.

Ashok Leyland Pickup Dealer:

An Ashok Leyland Pickups Dealer is an essential connection between the producer and consumers, offering a simple purchasing process and first-rate after-sales services. As an authorized dealer, provide a variety of Ashok Leyland Pickup models to meet the needs and preferences of diverse customers. These dealerships are well-equipped with a skilled and educated sales staff team that help customers choose the best pickup truck depending on their unique needs, whether it's for personal or professional usage. 

To ensure the durability and functionality of the vehicles, provides authentic spare parts and accessories. These dealerships also have service departments with trained staff members who do routine maintenance and repairs to maintain the trucks in top shape. Being a trusted and dependable partner for all Ashok Leyland Pickup-related needs, they put the satisfaction of their customers at the center of their business practices and work to forge long-lasting connections by providing dependable goods and great service.

Ashok Leyland Pickup Specifications: 

Here are the Ashok Leyland Pickup features and specifications listed below: 
● Engine specifications: These vehicles have a 1.5-liter turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine with Lean Nox Trap technology, which helps it satisfy BS6 pollution standards by decreasing nitrogen oxide emissions.

● Engine displacement (1478 cc): The total volume swept by all the pistons inside the engine cylinders is indicated by this measurement. In general, a bigger removal denotes an engine with greater torque and power potential.

● Power: The engine Ashok Leyland Pickup can produce a maximum of 80 horsepower at 3300 revolutions per minute, indicating that it has the capacity to supply enough power to transport big loads.

● At engine speeds between 1600 and 2400 RPM, the engine produces a maximum torque of 190 Newton-meters. The ability of the vehicle to pull and transport loads depends on its torque.

● The Ashok Leyland Pickup has a 5-speed manual gearbox with five forward ratios and one backward gear, making it adaptable to different driving circumstances.

● Gradeability: This describes how well a vehicle can ascend steep inclines. A vehicle can climb a slope with some ease if it has a gradeability of 28.30%.

● Maximum Speed: Ashok Leyland Pickup can only go at a top speed of 80 kph, which is typical for commercial vehicles.

● Emission Standards Compliance: Ashok Leyland Pickup complies with BS6 emission standards, which are stricter and more environmentally friendly, helping to minimise air pollution.

● Fuel Type and capacity: Ashok Leyland Pickup uses diesel fuel, which is a popular option for commercial vehicles because of its effectiveness and accessibility. The vehicle has a 50-liter fuel tank that allows it to go extended distances between fill-ups.

● Ashok Leyland Pickup's gross vehicle weight (GVW) is 2990 kilograms, and its payload is a maximum of 1400 kilograms.

Latest Ashok Leyland Pickups:

The latest offering from Ashok Leyland in the pickup segment is the Bada Dost i2. This robust and reliable pickup truck boasts a power-packed performance with a 70 HP engine, offering ample strength for various transportation needs. With a GVW of 2880 Kg and a payload capacity of 1425 Kg, it provides substantial capacity to carry goods efficiently.

The Bada Dost i2 runs on diesel, making it fuel-efficient and cost-effective for commercial use. Its 1478 cc engine, with 3 cylinders, generates a torque of 190 Nm at 1600-2400 rpm, ensuring a smooth and steady drive. The pickup's body size of 9 x 5.9 ft allows for easy loading and unloading of cargo, making it practical for diverse applications.

Ashok Leyland has also taken care of the truck's suspension system, enhancing its performance on various terrains. The front suspension is equipped with a rigid parabolic leaf spring, while the rear suspension is supported by a semi-elliptical leaf spring, providing stability and comfort during transportation. With a service interval of 10,000 Km, the Bada Dost i2 demonstrates its reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Best Ashok Leyland Pickup:

The Ashok Leyland Bada Dost i4 Pickup is the best among all the Ashok Leyland Pickups and is a reliable and strong truck made for difficult transportation operations. It has a 1478 cc 1.5L turbocharged inter-cooled diesel engine that produces 80 HP at 3300 rpm and 190 Nm of peak torque between 1600 and 2400 rpm. The pickup's outstanding 1860 kg payload capacity and 3490 kg Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) allow it to carry huge items while remaining stable on the road. 

It meets BS6 emission standards, assuring a lesser negative influence on the environment, and is built for maximum fuel economy, making it affordable for operators. The Bada Dost i4 Pickup offers a cost-effective choice for companies wishing to increase production and transportation capacities with a competitive pricing range of Rs. 8.80-9.01 Lakh*.

Customer Reviews for Ashok Leyland Pickup:  

Ashok Leyland Pickup routinely receive excellent marks for performance and dependability in customer reviews. Numerous buyers express their delight with the Ashok Leyland Pickup, complimenting them for their tough construction, fuel efficiency, and potent engines. Ashok Leyland Pickup appear to adapt seamlessly, impressing owners with their adaptability, whether they are making deliveries in metropolitan areas or navigating difficult terrain in rural locations. These Ashok Leyland Pickup impressive cargo capacity allows companies to deliver more items in a single trip, saving time and money on transportation expenses. Overall, ratings for Ashok Leyland pickups are excellent, leaving buyers happy with their purchase and assured that they selected a dependable and respected manufacturer.

Why buy Ashok Leyland Pickup from TrucksBuses?

Ashok Leyland pickups from TrucksBuses stand out as a distinctive option for commercial vehicle investment thanks to their strong dedication to sustainability and social responsibility. The partnership focuses on environmentally friendly transportation options and employs cutting-edge hybrid technology to cut emissions without sacrificing performance. In addition, TrucksBuses offers a customised purchasing experience, customising products to fit specific demands and providing flexible financing alternatives. Choosing Ashok Leyland pickups from TrucksBuses is more than simply choosing to drive a dependable vehicle; it also means promoting a better future for the environment and society. TrucksBuses and Ashok Leyland continue to develop and set the standard for supporting ethical and environmentally conscientious transport options with a strong sense of purpose.