Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Trucks

Its remarkable portfolio of 12 wheeler trucks, Ashok Leyland has made a space for itself in the competitive commercial vehicle market.

These powerful machines, which provide unmatched power, performance, and agility, serve as the foundation of logistics, construction, and heavy transportation.

Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck Models

Top FAQ About Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Trucks

The payload capacity of Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler trucks varies depending on the specific model and configuration, but generally ranges from 30 to 50 tons.
Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler trucks use diesel as fuel.
The load-carrying capacity of an Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler truck varies depending on the specific model and configuration, but generally ranges from 30 to 50 tons.
Some popular models of Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler trucks include the Ashok Leyland 3718, Ashok Leyland 4020, and Ashok Leyland 4220.
Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler trucks are commonly used for heavy-duty transportation of goods, such as construction materials, heavy machinery, and agricultural products.
The price range of Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler trucks varies depending on the specific model and configuration, but generally ranges from Rs. 35 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs in India.
The engine capacity of Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler trucks varies depending on the specific model and configuration, but generally ranges from 5.7 liters to 8.0 liters.
Some safety features offered in Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler trucks include air brakes, anti-lock braking system (ABS), hill hold assist, and seat belts for the driver and co-driver.
The warranty period offered on Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler trucks varies depending on the specific model and configuration, but generally ranges from 1 year to 3 years.
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About Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Trucks

A strong and adaptable subset of the commercial vehicle market are Ashok Leyland 12 wheeler trucks. Their position in logistics, building, agriculture, mining, and waste management has been cemented by their durable design, great payload capacity, and technical developments. Ashok Leyland is set to remain a significant role as the sector develops, with an emphasis on sustainability and efficiency, helping to shape the future of transportation with its cutting-edge and dependable 12 wheeler vehicles. These machines are an essential component of contemporary business and industry since they not only promote economic growth but also aid in the creation of necessary infrastructure.

These trucks have an exceptional payload capacity, which enables enterprises to move heavy cargo quickly and make fewer journeys. These trucks can manage tough terrain thanks to Ashok Leyland's dedication to quality and endurance, making them perfect for mining and construction projects. Despite the high initial cost, these vehicles are cost-effective in the long term because of their dependability and efficiency, which reduces operating expenses. Fuel economy is optimised by the strong engines and cutting-edge gearbox systems, making operations more cost-effective. They are a flexible option for enterprises with a range of transport requirements thanks to their industry-crossing versatility.

Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck Price in India

Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Trucks' competitive advantage in the commercial vehicle industry is shown by their pricing range, which ranges from Rs. 35 to Rs. 57 lakhs. This price range is a reflection of Ashok Leyland's dedication to provide a variety of heavy-duty transportation options to meet different industrial demands. Customers have a broad variety of models to pick from within this range, and because each one has distinct features and characteristics, they can be sure to choose the one that best suits their company needs. The Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Trucks strike an ideal balance between affordability and performance, making them a compelling option for businesses looking to increase their operational efficiency without compromising on quality, whether for logistics, construction, mining, or other demanding applications. This price range highlights Ashok Leyland's commitment to enabling the Indian commercial transport sector and underlines their reputation for providing high-value solutions.

Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck Mileage

The Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck's mileage range, which ranges from 3 to 5 KMPL, demonstrates its flexibility and versatility to a wide range of heavy-duty transportation demands. This line meets the various needs of different industries, where the necessity for high load carrying capacity must frequently be combined with the need for high fuel efficiency. At the lower end of the scale, these trucks offer the sheer power required for jobs like mining and construction where payload comes before mileage. On the highest end, they provide more fuel-efficient long-distance logistics and transportation, where cost effectiveness is crucial. In order to ensure that companies may find the ideal balance for their unique operating requirements while minimising their total cost of ownership, Ashok Leyland is committed to offering this mileage range. This commitment represents their focus to developing trucks that excel in both power and efficiency.

Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck Dealer

To guarantee a smooth and enjoyable buying experience when acquiring an Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck, finding a trustworthy dealership is essential. Through our strong partnerships with authorised dealers all throughout India, gives you direct access to reliable providers. Our website has a section specifically designed to assist you in finding authorised Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck dealers conveniently located in your neighbourhood. In order to provide you the knowledge you need to make confident selections, we also include crucial contact details, in-depth analyses of these dealerships, and insightful customer reviews. You can depend on our vast network of authorised dealers to speed your purchasing experience and provide outstanding post-sale service, assuring your satisfaction and peace of mind at every stage of the procedure.

Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck Specifications and Features

Safety: Advanced safety elements that improve driver safety and overall vehicle management include traction control, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), and advanced braking technology.
Emissions Control: Ashok Leyland has made progress in enhancing the sustainability of its vehicles, with certain models fulfilling strict emission norms.
Gross Vehicle Weight: Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler trucks have a substantial GVW of 35,000 Kg, demonstrating its ability to effectively manage huge loads. They are adaptable for a wide range of industries and applications thanks to their significant weight rating.
Strong Engine: The 200 horsepower (HP) engines in these trucks are powerful. This strong engine ensures amazing speed, the capability to effortlessly navigate challenging terrain, and the ability to tow heavy loads.
Torque: Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler trucks have outstanding pulling power and operating efficiency with a torque of 700 Nm at 1000–1600 rpm. This torque range helps them function consistently under a range of load circumstances.

Latest Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck

As the newest example of Ashok Leyland's renowned 12 Wheeler truck series, the 3520 POL Tanker is a fantastic vehicle. With a strong 200 HP engine, this mobile powerhouse competes fiercely in the heavy-duty transportation market. It is equipped to handle a variety of freight requirements with ease because of its hefty 35,000 Kg Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).

The diesel engine, which is a 6-cylinder, 5660 cc unit under the hood, produces a strong 700 Nm of torque, providing great pulling power and effective operation. With an optional 8-speed model with cable gearbox and a 6-speed gearbox as standard, the available gearbox options are equally outstanding. This makes it possible to operate a vehicle precisely and adjust to different driving situations. Additionally, the addition of the ZF 6S 850 gearbox increases its operational efficiency. The BS6 emission standards are met by the Ashok Leyland 3520 POL Tanker, demonstrating the company's dedication to sustainability. It is a cost-effective option since its diesel fuel tank size, which ranges from 220 to 375 litres, allows long trips without regular refuelling. With a top speed of 60 Kmph, this truck combines strength, effectiveness, and environmental awareness, making it a valuable tool for companies in a variety of sectors.

Best Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck

The Ashok Leyland 3520 and its version, the Ashok Leyland 3520 LA, stand out as the best options among Ashok Leyland's 12 Wheeler truck series, meeting the varied requirements of heavy-duty transportation. With prices ranging from Rs. 40.19 to Rs. 43.36 lakhs* for the Ashok Leyland 3520 and from Rs. 40.88 to Rs. 42.91 lakhs* for the 3520 LA, these trucks provide businesses looking for reliable and effective solutions with an appealing value.

The outstanding 35,000 Kg Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of both models makes them perfect for transporting heavy cargoes in a variety of sectors. They provide the required power to easily handle difficult terrain and hard loads thanks to their 200 HP diesel engine. Their fuel economy, a key element in today's competitive commercial vehicle market, further highlights this combination of power and performance. For logistics, construction, and other heavy-duty applications, the Ashok Leyland 3520 and 3520 LA are strong options that provide dependability, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. These vehicles represent Ashok Leyland's dedication to excellence in the 12 Wheeler truck market, guaranteeing that companies can access dependable and adaptable transportation options that strengthen their operations.

Customer Reviews for Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Truck

Customer satisfaction and excellent experiences are regularly reflected in reviews for Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Trucks. These vehicles are praised by buyers for their consistent dependability, remarkable performance, and affordability. These trucks' powerful engines guarantee smooth operation across a variety of terrains while meeting a wide range of transportation requirements. Furthermore, both drivers and passengers enjoy the pleasant and roomy interiors, which raises overall satisfaction. High acclaim has also been given to the network of authorised dealerships and post-sale assistance. Customers like the availability of authentic parts, quick maintenance, and knowledgeable support, all of which considerably enhance the ownership experience. All of these qualities make Ashok Leyland 12 Wheeler Trucks a reliable and reputable option in the commercial vehicle industry.

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