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Welcome to Tresa Motors Trucks, a groundbreaking venture that marks India's pioneering step into the future of electric commercial vehicles. Founded in 2022 by the visionary duo of Rohan Shravan and Ravi Machani, Tresa Motors Trucks is headquartered in the bustling city of Bangalore, harnessing the innovative spirit of the tech hub to drive sustainable transportation solutions. Our commitment to environmental responsibility and cutting-edge technology has led to the creation of India's first electric truck, setting a new standard for the industry.

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Top FAQs About Tresa Motors Trucks

You can find nearest Tresa moters trucks dealer on in India.
Price range of Tresa Motors trucks may vary from state to state and city to city. You can see the latest price on Truck Buses.
Tresa moters trucks can handle a payload ranging from 11 tons to 45 tons.
Modal vo.1 is the latest model of Tresa moters trucks.
The fuel type of Tresa moters trucks is electric.

About Tresa Motors Trucks

Tresa Motors Trucks is a trailblazing company dedicated to revolutionizing the commercial trucking landscape in India. With a primary focus on electric vehicles, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions and fostering a cleaner and greener future. Our flagship model, the Model V0.1, stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation and engineering excellence. As we challenge the conventional norms, we aim to lead the transformation of the Indian trucking industry by providing sustainable, high-performance electric trucks.

Tresa Motors Trucks in India

Tresa Motors Trucks is proud to call India home, with our operations based in the vibrant city of Bangalore. This strategic location allows us to draw on the city's technological advancements and engineering talent, ensuring that our electric trucks are at the forefront of innovation. As we cater to the specific needs of the Indian market, we strive to offer efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly transportation solutions to businesses across the nation.

Tresa Motors Truck Model

Model V0.1

Our groundbreaking Model V0.1 stands tall as India's first electric truck, symbolizing the paradigm shift in the commercial transportation sector. With a commendable Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) ranging from 18 tonnes to 55 tonnes, our electric truck caters to a wide range of cargo transportation requirements. The impressive payload capacity of 11 to 45 tonnes ensures that businesses can efficiently move their goods while contributing to reduced carbon footprints.

Tresa Motors Trucks Price in India

At Tresa Motors Trucks, we understand the significance of affordability, and we are committed to providing cost-effective solutions for businesses and fleet owners. Our competitive pricing ensures that making the transition to electric trucks is not only environmentally responsible but also economically viable in the long run, leading to substantial cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Tresa Motors Truck Dealers

You can find Tresa Motors Trucks Dealers at TrucksBuses. Your one-stop destination for all your commercial trucking needs. At TrucksBuses, we are proud to connect you with authorized Tresa Motors Trucks dealers, bringing you a wide range of Tresa Motors Trucks electric trucks that cater to diverse transportation requirements. Explore our platform to find Tresa Motors Trucks dealers near you and embark on a journey towards sustainable and reliable transportation solutions.

Tresa Motors Truck Specifications

1. GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) Range: 18 tons to 55 tons, offering versatility for various hauling needs.
2. Fuel Type: Fully Electric, contributing to zero-emission operations and a greener environment.
3. Impressive Torque: Boasts a robust torque of 24000 Nm, ensuring powerful performance on the road.
4. Payload Capacity: Can handle a payload ranging from 11 tons to 45 tons, accommodating diverse cargo requirements.

5. Automatic Transmission: Equipped with an automatic transmission system for smooth and effortless driving.
6. High Battery Capacity: Features a substantial battery capacity of 300 kWh, providing ample range for extended journeys and reducing downtime for charging.

Buy Tresa Motors Trucks from TrucksBuses

To facilitate easy access to our electric trucks, customers can purchase Tresa Motors Trucks from TrucksBuses, a trusted platform for commercial vehicle transactions. With a user-friendly interface and transparent processes, TrucksBuses simplifies the buying process, helping businesses find the perfect electric truck to meet their transportation needs.

At Tresa Motors Trucks, we are driven by our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Join us on this electrifying journey as we reshape the Indian commercial trucking industry and embrace a greener tomorrow.