Tata Prima 3530.K HRT : High Performance Tipper for Mining & Construction

Tata Prima 3530.K tipper with hub reduction is powered by Cummins ISBE 6.7L 6 cylinder engine, which produces peak power of 300 HP and peak torque of 1100 Nm.

Gross weight of Tata Prima 3530.K HRT 12 Wheeler Tipper is 35 Tons, which ensures you high loading capacity.

This Tata Prima 3530.K tipper has been designed and manufactured with a wheelbase dimension of 5200 mm, which will enhance the load balancing balance.

The tyre size of 12 wheel Tata Prima 3530.K hub reduction tipper is 12x24 helping in higher ground clearance and longer tyre life.

Tata Prima 3530.K HRT hub reduction 12 Wheeler tipper has a huge fuel tank capacity of 300 litres.

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