A Closer Look at the Variants and Features of Tata Magic

Tata Magic School is a people mover van with a seating capacity of 9+D, ideal for all the narrow and short routes.

Tata Magic Express comes with a seating capacity of 9 passenger seats and 1 driver. In simpler terms, it is the hard top version of the earlier launched Tata Magic Mantra Van.

Tata Magic Express Ambulance is a patient transport ambulance with a seating capacity of 5+P+D. The 0.8L DI, Common Rail, SCR technology, 798 cc engine gives Tata Magic Express Ambulance a maximum power of 44 HP and a maximum torque of 110 Nm.

The Tata Magic EV is an electric passenger vehicle that offers a compact and efficient transportation solution with zero emissions, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective for short-distance travel.

Tata Magic price in India starts from Rs. 7.24 onwards. This is the ex-showroom price.

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