Enhance Your Business with the SML Isuzu Samrat XM Truck

It is fitted with a SLT4 CRDI TCIC engine which delivers a high power of 101 HP & peak torque of 296 Nm.

SML Isuzu Samrat XM has a GVW of 10250 Kg, which allows the owner to earn a good amount of money in every round with its superior payload.

The tyre size of SML Isuzu Samrat XM Truck is 8.25x16-16 PR.

The SML Samrat XM truck has a body length of approximately 14 to 17.2 feet, allowing for a spacious cargo area and accommodating large loads while maintaining maneuverability for a variety of transportation needs.

The SML Samrat XM truck is equipped with fuel tank options of 90 and 180 liters diesel, which provides ample range for long journeys and reduces the frequency of fuel-filling stops.

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