Road Transport Ministry's Proposal: Implementing ADAS-like Safety Devices for Buses

Enhanced Safety Measures

The proposal suggests incorporating blind spot devices such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in buses, which aims to significantly enhance overall safety during bus travel.

Prevention of Lane-Change Accidents

By providing real-time alerts about adjacent vehicles, these devices will contribute to preventing accidents often associated with sudden lane changes, thereby improving the overall safety of bus travel.

Potential Reduction in Accidents and Fatalities

The integration of blind spot devices could potentially lead to a decrease in accidents and fatalities, as it addresses a critical aspect of road safety related to limited driver visibility.

Public Confidence and Trust

Enhancing bus travel safety through advanced safety systems would bolster public confidence and trust in public transportation, encouraging more people to choose buses as a reliable and secure mode of travel.

Aiding Driver Training and Skill Development

The incorporation of advanced technologies promotes continuous training and skill development for bus drivers, empowering them with tools to navigate complex traffic scenarios more safely.

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