Etrio Touro Max Cargo: Paving the Way for Clean and Reliable Last-Mile Connectivity

Etrio Touro Max Cargo rickshaw has a load capacity of 550 kg

The Etrio Touro Max Cargo ev rickshaw has a kilometer range of 157 km on a single charge.

Etrio Touro Max Cargo electric three wheeler comes with advanced safety, advanced BMS enabled Li-ion battery, motor control unit, hydraulic regenerative brakes, wide wheel tracks to ensure high stability.

The Etrio Touro Max Cargo rickshaw comes with a new-generation dashboard, integration with high-end telematics technology, sensors to monitor vehicle and battery health and AI-based systems to improve cargo load optimization and route optimization.

The Etrio Touro Max Cargo loading rickshaw features connectivity through the powerful Atrio telematics application.

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