New Tata LPT 1916 Exclusive Truck Price | Engine | Mileage- Detailed Review

Tata 1916 LPT

It is a truck with a gross weight of 18550 kg. This truck comes in 4×2 axle configuration. This truck has many features for enhancing driver's comfort. Tata Truck lpt 1916 had a fuel tank capacity of 150 litres. It has a body length of 20 feets. Tata offers a warranty of 3 years or 3 lakh km on the drive line. Tata 1916 LPT Truck includes a 3300 4 cylinder engine.

Tata 1916 LPT Truck specifications:-

There are many quality specifications in the Tata 1916 LPT truck for enhancing driver's comfort. Some of the specifications are discussed below:-
1.) Engine and performance:- Tata 1916 LPT trucks are known for its powerful and fuel efficient engine. The fuel engine is of diesel engine type. This 4-cylinder diesel engine delivers an impressive output of 500 N-m of torque. The engine is mated to 6 speed G 750-6 gearbox. Tata 1916 LPT (Long platform Truck) ensures smooth and efficient power delivery to the wheels.
2.) Design and build:- The tata 1916 LPT(Long platform truck) ensures a robust and durable structure. This truck comes in a category of 4×2 axle configuration. It has a spacious and ergonomic cabin which provides a comfortable environment to the driver. Adjustment of steering is tilt and telescopic. Seat of the driver is 4 way adjustable i.e. very comfortable for driving.
3.) Safety and technology:- Tata trucks are known for its safety applications in all vehicles and also the 1916 LPT ( Long platform truck) has no exception. It has advanced safety features including air brake system, anti locking braking system and all the features used in this truck are for thinking about the purpose of safety.
4.) Payload capacity:- The payload capacity (amount of weight a vehicle can carry) of tata 1916 LPT is 12.2 tons.
5.) Tata 1916 LPT mileage:- Mileage (a no. of miles travelled or covered) of Tata 1916 truck is 9 km per litre.
6.) Tata 1916 LPT fuel efficiency:- Tata 1916 LPT truck offers excellent fuel efficiency and the fuel tank capacity of Tata 1916 LPT truck is 150 litre, it can cover a distance of 1350 km per filling.
7.) Warranty:- For the battery of Tata 1916 LPT truck, the company is offering a warranty of 3 years or 3 lakh km on driveline.

Tata 1916 lpt truck features:-

Tata 1916 LPT truck have some of the key features like air brakes i.e. important for the purpose of safety with auto slack adjuster. All tge features in tata 1916 truck helps in improving the driver's comfort, safety factor and utility. Following are the features that are given in tata 1916 LPT truck:-

What’s the New feature in Tata Lpt 1916 truck?

Tata Motors increase the body lenght in New tata Lpt 1916 truck Models. The New tata Lpt 1916 truck Now comes with 32 ft body length.

Automatic transmission

Telematics Yes
Steering Power steering
Driver seat

4 way adjustable

Mechanically suspended


Air conditioner (AC) No
Cabin suspension No
Steering adjustment Tilt and telescopic
Mobile charging point Yes
Instrument cluster digital  With mileage indicator
Body Length  20 ft
 22 ft
 24 ft
 32 ft

Tata 1916 LPT Truck price in India :-

Tata LPT 1916 price on road varies slightly from city to city and state to state . Tata 1916 truck have an effective price range by thinking about its specifications and features. EMI options are also available for truck 1916 , it depends on the rate offered by bank and loan tenure.  The EMI option has a 10℅ down payment and 9.5% rate of intrest. It is expected that emi can be applied for a 5 year period.

Tata 1916 LPT GVW :-

GVW of any truck can be defined as the sum total of empty kerb weight and the payload it can carry. Tata 1916 LPT GVW truck is 18550 kg so that it allows the owner to carry heavy goods as per requirements.
Tata 1916 lpt has a service interval of 60,000 km (oil change).


Where can we find Tata 1916 LPT Truck:-
You can find Tata 1916 LPT trucks at authorized dealerships and distributors across India. It has an extensive range of sales and service outlets. The deliveries of Tata 1916 LPT trucks begin soon.

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