Evolution of Tata 407 Gold - A Journey of over 3 Decades

Background of LCV trucks in India

The beginning of LCV space in India was dominated by Japanese brands like DCM Toyota, Eicher Mitsubishi, Allwyn Nissan and Swaraj Mazda, including Mahindra and Mahindra as well as Bajaj Tempo. While Bajaj Tempo, a joint venture of JV Firodia and Tempo Germany had a popular 3 wheeler in the offering, all other brands had full forward control type cabin design. And then came India’s first semi forward design LCV truck in 1986 – Tata SFC 407. It entered market after spending almost 2 years in conceptualization.


Tata 407 – Highest selling LCV truck in India

At a time while most of the existing Japanese competitors in LCV segment had a 6 wheel model with twin rear tyres, Tata 407 was a 4 wheeler truck with single rear tyres. For the first time in India, it offered vacuum assisted hydraulic brakes with automatic adjustment, variable ratio steering and the synchromesh gearbox offered never before experience in gear shifting.

Within 5 years of its introduction in 1986, Tata SFC 407 became so popular that it garnered a whopping 84% share of new vehicle sale. While SFC cabin with semi forward design showcased higher safety, its rugged construction was ideal for rural applications alike. This new truck that Indian customers brought, was ideal for all kind of applications like market load, fruits and vegetables, food grain, FMCG, white goods, container, LPG cylinders, poultry, dairy products, ambulance, packers & movers, water tanker and many more. As per estimates, almost 12 Lac SFC cabin type tata trucks are running on Indian roads today, making it the most popular trucking brand in the history ever and one of the higest selling trucks in India. Even after 3.5 decades of its market introduction, Tata Motors still continues to be the only manufacturer offering semi forward design trucks successfully.  


Evolution of Tata 407 range

After 3 decades of continuous product improvement and retaining the crown of market leader, today Tata 407 as a brand offers 2 cabin options, multiple payloads, many deck length options and also diesel as well as CNG fuel options as per customer’s requirement.

Tata SFC 407 Ex

The popular and evolved SFC 407 Ex series catered to all kinds of customers and was a bundle of BS4 models like:

•    Tata SFC 407 Ex
•    Tata SFC 407 Ex2 (Power Steering)
•    Tata SFC 407 TT (Twin Tyre)
•    Tata SFC 407 Pickup
•    Tata SK 407 (Tipper)
•    Tata SFC 407 CNG

On one side Tata Motors worked towards introducing greener fuels like CNG in 2006, full forward control based LPT models were introduced to offer longer wheelbase cum load body lengths and also higher payloads.


Tata 407 Gold – The new BS6 avatar

Post the implementation of BS6 from 1st April 2020, India’s favorite LCV truck now comes in an all new avatar  – Tata 407 Gold along with new nomenclatures corresponding to the earlier 407 models. Powered by the tried and tested decades old 4SPCR engine, it offers same reliability and comes with a host of new features making it more driver friendly, more owner friendly and offers superior overall productivity.

While 407 SFC nomenclature is maintained for models with sub 5 ton gross weight, the higher tonnage vehicles are rechristened as per nearest tonnage point. A crisp summary of the new BS6 LCV models with semi forward cabin design are as under:

BS4 Model Name

BS6 Model Name

(Equivalent to BS4 model)

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

SFC 407 Pickup

407 SFC Gold Pickup

4450 Kg

SFC 407 RJ

407 SFC Gold

4995 Kg

SFC 407 TT (Twin Tyre)

510 SFC

5300 Kg

SFC 407 Ex/Ex2

610 SFC

5950 Kg

SFC 407 HT

610 SFC TT

6250 Kg

SK 407

610 SK

6250 Kg


609g SFC

5950 Kg


407g SFC Gold

4450 Kg

A gap of CNG powered pickup truck which existed earlier has also been fulfilled by introducing the smallest LCV truck in CNG, called as 407g SFC Gold. This model boasts of a very good future in national capital region as well as other CNG markets for city distribution applications. The best thing about retaining the upgraded version of same decades old 4SPCR engine would be easy availability of spare parts, mechanics and service in every nook and corner of the country.


What extra does Tata 407 Gold offer in BS6 ?

All the BS6 LCV truck models are designed on the Tata Motors’ philosophy of Power of 6, namely power of greater profits, power of enhanced performance, power of enhanced driving comfort, power of greater connectivity and convenience, power of greater value and power of improved safety and security.

•    Increased Power

As against 85 HP of power earlier, the all new BS6 avatar offers 18% extra power, taking it to 100 HP

•    Higher Torque

An improvement of 20% in torque now takes it to ever highest 300 Nm of torque leading to superior loading ability. Not just the maximum torque, the low end torque also delivers 290 Nm leading to superior response in frequent start stop condition.

•    Superior Mileage

As per sources, the new BS6 avatar of Tata 407 offers 5% superior mileage vis-à-vis its BS4 counterparts leading to higher profits.

•    Enhanced Service Interval – Lower maintenance cost

The periodic maintenance schedule which used to be 20,000 Km earlier now needs to be done at 40,000 Km, leading to not just lower maintenance cost, but also offering you more days to carry load than visiting the service workshop.

•    Improved Brakes – Enhanced safety

Braking used to be a concern with some of the Tata 407 buyers historically, which has now been curbed by equipping the new BS6 avatar with innovative H2LS brakes. Twin cylinder system leads to higher contact area of brake shoes and thus superior braking efficiency. On top of the safer semi forward cabin, the new braking system also leads to enhanced safety

•    Stronger Chassis

The new Tata 407 BS6 avatar now comes with a chassis platform with higher 6 mm thickness as against 5 mm earlier, leading to more structural rigidity and strength.

•    Lighter Clutch

If only a personal drive could prove it, the new Tata 407 Gold SFC offers a much lighter clutch than before. As per company sources, the clutch pedal effort has been reduced by as much as 40% owing to standard clutch booster and low hysteresis clutch. We would want our readers to go test drive and experience it first hand.

•    Reduced Gear Shifting Effort

Along with a new gear knob with silver top finish, the gear shift travel has been optimized to offer better driving ergonomics.

•    Parabolic Suspension

Offered right from Tata 407 RJ SFC in the BS4 era, Front parabolic suspension offers superior riding comfort and fatigueless driving, thus enhancing driver’s productivity. Rubber ended parabolic leafs also reduce NVH level inside the cabin.

•    Power Steering as standard fitment

Raising the bar in LCV trucks, now power steering is no longer an aspiration feature. With Tata 407 BS6, its now a hygiene.

•    New Instrument Cluster

The new generation instrument cluster along with LED screen displays host of information like trip mileage, distance to empty.

Gear Shift Advisor feature constantly guides the driver to step up or down the gear, basis vehicle speed, load and terrain for superior performance and producivity

•    Telematics as standard fitment

The new 407 Gold is connected with transport owner, fleet manager through the standard telematics fitment offers a host of features including track and trace and much more.

•    Factory fitted music system

One no longer needs to go for an outside fitment of stereo while buying a new LCV truck in India anymore. The new Tata 407 Gold comes with a standard factory fitted music system cum FM player with superior Blaupunkt speakers

•    2 high speed USB mobile charging points

With 2 mobile charging points, now both the driver as well as cleaner can stay in touch all round the day on the longest of trips.

•   Reverse Parking Assistance

This feature enhances safety in the reverse gear by producing beep type sound alert whenever any object nears the vehicle in rear blind spot.


Tested for a lifetime, Tata 407 SFC gets serviced by the biggest dealership network in India, comes with a host of value added services like Tata Motors Suraksha, Tata Kavach, Tata Alert, Tata Delight loyalty program and Tata Zippy. What’s more, the day you want to sell your used Tata 407 truck, it offers best resale value too !!!