Tata Motors and Marcopolo S.A. head separate ways

In a recent, Tata Marcopolo Motors Limited, a 51:49 venture between India’s Tata Motors and Brazil’s Marcopolo S.A., will see the latter pull out of the partnership.

Dubbed together as of the most successful venture established way back in 2006 will now be under the jurisdiction of Tata Motors, who will take over its partner’s stake within the J.V. for INR 99.96 cr. The rationale for the split is the adoption of a new business strategy by Marcopolo S.A. as it heads into the new Normal.

Here is a glimpse of a 15-year partnership - TMML manufactures and sells buses equipped with cutting-edge technologies, under the Starbus and Starbus Ultra brands, that fall into the Deluxe and Premium segment of CVs’. They cater to the country’s need of having world-class, safe and cozy buses.

The venture has manufacturing facilities within the cities of Dharwad, Karnataka and Lucknow that have spun out scores’ bus body concepts and designs, high on quality, power-packed performance, customized solutions and best-in-class passenger cabins.


During the shutdown, the manufacturing plant will be fumigated. (Representative Image)


In a recent interaction with the press, officials from Tata Motors stated that technologies currently integrated within the prevailing bus body products will still vest with TMML. As a part of the transition, Marcopolo S.A. will still license their trademark “Marcopolo” to TMML for a 3-year period, and may be extended as per market scenario, and would fall into the non-compete provision in India. TMML would continue to operate seamlessly during the transition phase and its services would remain unaffected. The firms will still maintain an open channel for further collaborations around technical consulting services and bus body designs.