'16 Saal Bemisaal' Campaign launched to mark 16 years of Tata Ace

This year, Tata Motors celebrates 16 years of Tata Ace, famously nicknamed as the “Chota Hathi” for its mammoth-like performance and compact built. 16 years ago, Tata Ace entered the small commercial vehicle industry and revolutionized it inside out. Tata Motors have made sure to celebrate the birthday of its illustrious and beloved family member by launching the ‘16 Saal Bemisaal’ program. The program aims to campaign the importance of small and medium scale industries in an economy drastically hit by the pandemic. The whole idea behind the concept is to promote the significance of small vehicles in getting the economy moving from its recessionary state. Tata Motors have organized roadshows to commemorate this special occasion. TATA Ace will travel around 10 stated across the country, and tentatively cover 4 lakh kilometers, while distributing masks for the prevailing Covid-19 circumstances.  Patrons will also be given the opportunity to join the festivity and test drive the vehicle to experience the very comfort and luxury of TATA Ace.

The arrival of TATA Ace, today priced as low as Rs. 4.6 lakh, marked an important event in India’s Small Commercial Vehicles industry. It has never been the same since. To this day, TATA Ace has recorded a mind-boggling sales record of 23 lakhs.  In the current market, Tata motors hold a record 60% of the customers, all thanks to the beauty of Tata Ace. Tata Motors set the footing in small vehicle industry as one of the pioneers. The company’s idea of keeping the various needs of all sorts of customer first, and to procreate keeping the same in the mind, have kept them intact and untouchable in the industry. 

Used in all sorts of businesses, TATA Ace is the country's most iconic small commercial vehicle today. From flower vendors to logistics, from carpools to LPG companies, be it FMCG and FMCD goods or dairy and pharma products, the nation has seen the TATA Ace flourishing its streets for every day-to-day business.  Today, evolving itself with the wheel of time, the Ace Gold model available in the market today has the green fuel option of CNG.


The pedigree of TATA Motors adds to the reliability and trust the market has shown towards its mini-trucks. TATA’s mini trucks, Chota Hathi, being renowned for its affordability of price has laid foundation of around 2.3 million dreams, as of today. Supporting innumerable entrepreneurs in setting up and moving up the ladder, TATA Ace has been the steppingstone to countless success journeys. Tie-ups with the like of public banks such as the State Bank of India to make the purchase of the vehicle easier is the clearest indication of what TATA Motors stand for.

The constant dire of catering the various needs of the consumers has kept the vehicle unbeatable even after all these years. Under the Sampoorna Seva 2.0 program, TATA Motors offer affordable maintenance and servicing packages along with easy resale to make sure that the gap between the pocket and dreams never widen enough to enforce for a compromise. The other add on packages such as the Tata Alert to avail 24x7 vehicle servicing for vehicle under warranty, Tata Kavach to repair all vehicle under the Tata motor insurance to get repaired within 15 days, and the Tata Zippy to offer service turnaround and promise maximum uptime are the greatest display of their concern towards the customer's post purchase maintenance.

To quote Ellen Tauscher, “Small businesses are the backbones of an economy”. On the path to become a developed nation, India has a great journey ahead of herself. And who better, than a supervising compatriot, can help the nation on its course? The stories built around the Tata Motors and their contributions to the nation is set to poise and inspire the generations to come.